5 Incredible Facts About Chow Chows

5 Incredible Facts About Chow Chows

Everybody loves chow chows, but we here at The Jazzy Panda adore them so much, that we dedicated an entire clothing line to them, which you can view HEREChow Chows are a breed of dog that is unique in both appearance and personality. Their rounded faces are reminiscent of lions, a trait not possessed by any other dog. These stout, powerful dogs are excellent guard dogs and extremely loyal to their owners. These are dogs that take a considerable amount of experience to train, but once you have they respect, they are your companion for life. If you are interested in owning a Chow, consider these incredible facts.


The Chow Chow is one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds


At roots that stretch back more than 4,000 years, the chow chow has a long and storied history. In fact, they are such an old breed that we haven’t yet gathered all the facts necessary to understand the earliest part of their history. It is known that they most likely came from China and are a descendant of the impressively imposing Tibetan Mastiff. Over their time in existence, it is likely that ancient chow chows were the ancestors of several modern breeds, including the far less intimidating Pomeranian.


Chow Chow is not a Chinese name


Many people attribute the name of the dog to the Chinese, who originally domesticated them, but that is not the case. In China, they are actually named songshi quan, which roughly translates to “puffy-lion dog.” One look at them makes it easy to understand why they chose that name. The English term “chow chow” was actually an 18th century comprehensive phrase attributed to anything that originated from the Far East. 


Chow Chow’s Tongues are Bluish Black


Chow Chow puppies have a regular pink tongue, but as they get older, their tongue turns to a unique bluish black color. This contributes even further to their intriguing look. The only other dog breed that shares this trait is also another one with Chinese origins – the Shar-Pei. This makes sense as historians believe that the Chow Chow and Shar-Pei both share a common ancestor. If you ever spot an adult Chow with a pink tongue, that is an indication that it is not a purebred chow.


Sigmund Freud owned a Chow Chow


The popular psychiatrist had a companion chow named Jofi. Jofi would sit in on certain sessions, and Freud claimed that Jofi had the ability to tell which patients were nervous, as he did not like their energy and would stay away from them. When a calm patient was in the room, he would approach them easily. His presence would also help children to feel more relaxed, making Freud’s job a little easier.


Chows have straight back legs


The back legs of the Chow are straight, giving them an interesting looking walk and run. Puppies sometimes struggle to learn to walk as quickly as other dogs, but generally by 2-3 months of age they have become used to the legs and develop the stilted gait that chows are known for. This doesn’t affect them much, however, as they are still athletic and strong animals.

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