Famous Golden Retrievers

Famous Golden Retrievers

Everybody loves golden retrievers, but we here at The Jazzy Panda adore them so much, that we dedicated an entire clothing line to them, which you can view HEREGolden retrievers are friendly, adorable, happy-go-lucky dogs, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been featured in so many films and TV shows. With their smiling faces, an abundance of energy, and high level of intelligence, goldens are trustworthy dogs that can learn the tricks required to become celebrities while providing a heartwarming presence for their handlers and families. There are many famous golden retrievers, both real and fictional, that have captured the hearts of many across the world.


Buddy from Air Bud and Sequels


Every child that grew up in the 90’s remembers Air Bud and the ensuing sequels that came after it. A dog that could pass and shoot a basketball was certainly a memorable story for kids, and the dog in the movie was an obedient and talented pup that provided laughs for many. Buddy was the real name of this dog actor, and he also performed as Comet on Full House as well as appearing on America’s Funniest Home Videos and the “Stupid Pet Tricks” portion of Late Night with David Letterman.


Shadow from Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey


Shadow was the wise but aging leader of the group of animals that get lost and embark on an exciting adventure in Homeward Bound. Shadow, voiced by Don Ameche, joins bulldog Chance (Michael J. Fox) and feisty cat Sassy (Sally Field), as they set out to find their owners after they leave for San Francisco. Shadow may have lost a step over his years, but in true golden retriever fashion, he provides a calming and rational presence that helps the animals stay relatively safe as they look for their family. The role of Shadow was played by a dog actor named Ben who starred in Homeward Bound and its sequel.


Ricochet – Surf Dog


Ricochet is a golden retriever who acts a service dog, surfing with special needs children and soldiers suffering from PTSD. It started in 2009 when she jumped onto a surfboard with a quadriplegic boy and helped him enjoy the fun of surfing. She was expected to be a service dog originally, but her love for water led her to become what is known as a SURFice dog, helping many people physically and emotionally throughout the journey to overcome disabilities and emotional trauma.


Liberty and Victory – Presidential Hounds


Liberty was the dog of president Gerald Ford, while Victory spent time in the White House with Ronald Reagan. Both dogs were golden retrievers that were loved by their families and the citizens of the United States, no matter what their political beliefs.



Dug from Up


This isn’t a traditional pick due to it being a Pixar film, but talking dog Dug from Up espouses all the personalities of golden retrievers. He is the perfect movie dog because we can understand him and see that he loves everyone he meets, just like many real-life goldens. His compassion and care for the humans in the movie are the perfect embodiment of golden retriever qualities, and his love can be felt as if he was a real dog.

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