The Husky – Part Wolf, Part Dog, All Fun

The Husky – Part Wolf, Part Dog, All Fun

Everybody loves huskies, but we here at The Jazzy Panda adore them so much, that we dedicated an entire clothing line to them, which you can view HEREHuskies are a fun-loving, athletic dog breed that has long been faithful companions to humans. With their seemingly unrelinquishable energy and affinity for exploration, these dogs are a great fit for any active and patient owner. Some huskies have even been known to talk and sing, mimicking their owner’s commands and complaining when they don’t get their way. These are strong physical dogs with even stronger personalities. With such a long history and story of success, there are many interesting facts about huskies that you may not be aware of.


A husky’s howl can be heard 10 miles away


You may have heard the wolf-like howl of an exuberant husky, but did you know that howl could be coming from 10 miles away? Most likely, you were hearing something across the street, but in the right condition, the husky howl can reach up to 10 miles. Due to their genetic closeness to ancient wolves, the howl of the husky is a distinctive trait and has been ingrained in them since they came to be. So next time you hear a husky communicating, it could be your neighbor’s dog talking to another husky in the next town over!


Huskies are made for snow


Huskies originated in Siberia, hence the name Siberian Husky. Thus, it should come as no surprise that huskies are built for cold weather and thrive in wintry conditions. With a dense double-coat of fur, these majestic creatures can stay warm even when the temperature reaches negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit! Even the most advanced and expensive jackets can’t keep the toughest of humans warm in that sort of weather! In addition to their fur, huskies have a cold-weather advantage with strong, steady claws that allow them to remain stable on ice and in heavy snow.


Huskies can pause their metabolism


This may seem biologically impossible, but in the case of huskies, it’s a real and extremely advantageous trait. While humans and other animals burn up energy during physical exercise, huskies can regulate their metabolism to make sure that they never completely run out of energy. Maybe this explains why your husky always seems to want to play, no matter what time or day of the night it is.


Huskies are known for escaping their homes


Maybe it’s due to the previously mentioned energy storing ability, or maybe it’s their exploratory nature. Huskies have a long history of jumping fences, burying beneath them, or even breaking out of their chains to run away from home. Sadly, this means that many husky owners have lost their companions. If you own a husky, make sure your fence is and your leash is strong!


Huskies once saved the town of Nome, Alaska


In 1925, there was a large diphtheria outbreak in the town Nome which threatened all of its residents. The nearest mass supply of the antitoxin was located 674 miles away. A team of 150 sled huskies was employed to run the serum to the town, making there in 5 and a half days and saving Nome from the deadly outbreak.

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