About Us

Our Designs

Love our designs? We do too! And as much as we would love to take credit for the fantastic designs that The Jazzy Panda offers, the real mastermind behind the images is Yoko. Yoko is an extraordinary artist and has a passion for graphic design, illustration, and motion graphics. Originally from Indonesia, Yoko now runs a small business in the field of motion graphics and designs, at least when he is not creating awesome designs for The Jazzy Panda. You can check out his company, Bomber Studio, HERE.

Our Mission

We are not your average panda. Here at The Jazzy Panda, we strive to provide everything creative and unique, all at affordable prices and superior quality. Fun and quirky designs are our backbone, and are made with one person in mind; you! Each design, product, and idea is meant to either provide you with a gift to give, a way to express your interests, or for no reason at all.

The Jazzy Panda is a newly launched company with its priority in maintaining fun and quality designs, able to be enjoyed by anyone who may want to! To make gift giving easier, or just to brighten someone's day is our goal and passion.

Avoid the ordinary, and of course, stay jazzy.


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